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Manage your global marketing
strategy with Sitecore 9.

  • Sitecore Experience CMS

    Robust content management system that supports global, multilingual content at scale, with the flexibility required for today’s enterprise environment. Easy for marketers to use, but also open and powerful enough for IT professionals who want to customize, manage, integrate and secure their websites.

  • Marketing Automation

    Omni-channel automation tools allow marketers to deliver deeply personalized experiences. The drag and drop functionality makes creating complex campaigns simple to create, enabling marketers to set up triggers to effectively track the customer throughout their journey.

  • Multi-Language

    Handle multilingual content natively in the platform through translation workflows integrated with translation services. Sitecore is the optimal enterprise CMS to truly support global sites where multi-language translation is a necessity.

  • Personalization

    Completely redesigned with drag and drop UI to create forms, support for multipage forms and new features to ensure that more quality customer data can be captured and acted on. The analytics and reporting capabilities enable marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of their forms instantly.

  • Machine Learning

    Cortez engine integrated throughout the Sitecore Experience platform leverages the wealth of both native and third-party customer data that is continuously processed and optimized to unveil new customer segments, giving brands a competitive advantage.

  • XConnect

    API framework built on OData RESTful services with the ability to collect and act on any customer behavior from any channel at any time. Use sales process data to influence personalized website content and marketing efforts and enrich CRM profiles with viewership and campaign activity.

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To learn more, or to schedule a Sitecore demo with New Angle Media, fill out this form.